• Erik VINKHUYZEN, Marilyn WHALEN & Margaret SZYMANSKI (Xerox Palo Alto Research Center, États-U)
    Security, efficiency, and customer service in calls to a financial services organization
    2006, Vol. XI-2, pp. 53-68

    This study compares the interactional consequences of two different openings in calls to a financial services organization: the traditional opening that offers service (e.g., "How may I help you") and the power call opening that immediately launches a security check (e.g., "May I have your social security number please"). We present an analysis that explains why a higher percentage of customers fail the security check when service representatives use the powercall. Our study finds that often the strict security check is not necessary given the customer's request. Also, our analysis shows how the powercall has detrimental effect on customer service when customers are denied service before they have been given an opportunity to say why they called. Moreover, the efficiency argument for using the powercall is undermined by customer's design of their initial requests as a gloss.