• Sonia VANDEPITTE & Els LEFEVER (Ghent University)
    La traduction en tant qu’activité multilingue à l’ère numérique
    2018, Vol. XXIII-2, pp. 59-71

    Translation is an age old multilingual activity whose increasingly more important relevance is being captured by today’s multidisciplinary character of translation studies. This contribution first sketches the linguistic product-oriented approach, focusing on texts in different languages (translations, their source texts and comparable texts) and investigating highly frequent translation features such as explicitation. Secondly, recent inquiries into the translation process are described, catching glimpses of the translator’s multilingual cognitive activity and applying methods of keystroke logging and eye-tracking. A third and final kind of studies has been inspired by the digital advances of recent years, which have led to a drastic change in translators’ activities, having them integrate Computer-Aided Translation (CAT) tools into their daily multilingual translation workflow.