• J.G. KRUYT (Leyde, Pays-Bas)
    Towards the Integrated Language Database of 8th-21st Century Dutch
    2000, Vol. V-2, pp. 33-44

    In the past decade, technology has had a major impact on the activities of the Institute for Dutch Lexicology (INL). The results include three electronic dictionaries, covering the period from 1200 up to 1976, and some linguistically annotated text corpora of historical and present-day Dutch. Three present-day corpora have been widely used not only for lexicography but also for many other purposes, since becoming accessible over the Internet in 1994. Advanced technology will have even more importance for a project recently started, the Integrated Language Database of 8th-21st Century Dutch, in which the dictionaries, lexica and a diachronic text corpus will be linked in a meaningful way. Parts of the database will be linked with comparable data collections at other institutes, thus creating a supra-institutional research instrument which will provide new opportunities for innovative research.