• Anne-Laure FOUCHER, Christine RODRIGUES & Laurence HAMON (Clermont-Ferrand)
    Chats, face-to-face activities and macro-tasks in learning French as FL : the contribution of each of these means
    2010, Vol. XV-2, pp. 155-172

    The aim of this paper is to offer new elements to the discussion on Computer Mediated Communication (CMC) in foreign language learning. In particular, we want to know how chats, forums and face-to-face work can contribute to the achievement of a written macro-task in FFL (French as a Foreign Language). We base our analysis on a computer-mediated learning system, based on both face-to-face and distance sessions via forums and chatting between French-learning Cypriot students and FFL teachers-to-be. Two types of data are considered: synchronous and asynchronous interaction data and questionnaires which were administered to the participants at the end of the project.