• Anita FERREIRA CABRERA, René OPORTUS TORRES & Karina FUENTES RIFF (Universidad de Concepción, Chile)
    Response time and written corrective feedback effectiveness in learners of Spanish as a FL
    2016, Vol. XXI-2, pp. 109-122

    In this article we present an experimental study with a cognitive approach to Spanish as a Foreign Language (SFL). Its aim was to examine response time (rt) during error repair in the use of prepositions a, de, en, por and para following the introduction of a modality of metalinguistic Written Corrective Feedback (WCF) (direct and indirect). Rt’s were measured in 2 instances: (1) when subjects answered ítems correctly the first time, (2) when they answered correctly after a strategy of WCF. Results indicate that rt’s of correct answers in the firs tinstance are higher tan rt’s that follow WCF, and that competence level is a key factor that has an impact in higher or lower correction and rt’s.