Article submission

1. Submitted articles should correspond to one of the themes given for forthcoming issues (see under “forthcoming issues” on this website)

2. Given the time necessary to produce an issue, articles must be submitted at least 9 to 10 months ahead of the publication date of the corresponding themed issue.

3. All articles submitted must:
- be written in one of the 5 languages accepted by the review (and be corrected by a native speaker if it is not the author’s first language);
- adhere to the style guidelines given below;
- include on a separate page at the end of the article author details (surname, first name, professional and/or academic affiliation, list of publications) and copies of all tables and graphs included in the text (which must not exceed 12cm in width).

4. Any submitted article destined for publication in a future issue of the RFLA will be anonymously reviewed by experts and may be accepted or refused by the Editorial Board according to the outcome of the reviews.

5. When an article is accepted subject to changes being made, feedback will be given to authors and final acceptation of the article will depend on the outcome following suggested changes.