• Chienwen TSAI (Université Nationale de Kaohsiung de l'Hôtellerie et du Tourisme)
    A lexical analysis of culinary verbs in specialized dictionaries
    2017, Vol. XXII-1, pp. 117-129

    Terms play a significant role in many domains of activity. In French culinary art, they are useful to transmit cooking knowledge, communicate in a professionnal kitchen, access to specialized documents, etc. There are a lot of culinary verbs because culinary techniques and different modes of cooking are so important in this domain. In addition to monosemic culinary verbs, many other verbs have metaphorical meaning of a ordinary word. In this paper, we propose a morphological and semantic analysis for culinary verbs from two specialized dictionaries: Le lexique culinaire de Ferrandi and Les mots de la cuisine et de la table. After studying them, we could learn more about lexical features of culinary verbs. The research results may promote the teaching of French for culinary art.

  • Chienwen TSAI (Université Nationale de Kaohsiung de l'Hôtellerie et du Tourisme)
    Specialised language in professional wine magazines: a comparative study of wine terminology in three wine magazines
    2014, Vol. XIX-1, pp. 117-131

    The tasting reviews in professional wine magazines are often written in accordance with recognized tasting steps and specific vocabulary. This article introduces, first of all, the process of wine tasting and formation of wine terminology. Then we analyze reviews of three wine magazines with the help of previous research results and a wine language dictionary (Dictionnaire de la langue du vin). We could reexamine the composition and the ‘degree of technical nature’ of words in the reviews. In the end, we propose several avenues worth exploring.