• Manuel BARBERA & Carla MARELLO (Turin, Italie)
    Complex lexical units and their morphosyntactic treatment in the Corpus Taurinense
    2000, Vol. V-2, pp. 57-70

    Corpus Taurinense (CT) is the POS tagged version of ItalAnt Corpus, an electronic corpus of Old Italian texts (between 1251 and 1300). In this article we aim to describe the approach followed in CT for the annotation of multiword units (MWU). MWU in our work is a set of two or more graphic words which receive (also) an overall POS tagging because this set of words is in paradigmatic relation with one word lexical unit with the same POS.Our POS tagging confirms that most of the Modern Italian compound conjunctions at that time were not lexicalised. The order of the components is already the Modern Italian order but they can still be interrupted by occasional elements.

  • Mario SQUARTINI & Carla MARELLO (Turin, Italie)
    Multilingualism and language didactics: applications of the Aspect Hypothesis
    2004, Vol. IX-2, pp. 95-104

    In this article some results of Second Language Acquisition research are tentatively applied to the education of foreign language teachers, who are becoming more and more aware of the 'plurilinguistic' coexistence of learner varieties in classroom settings. In dealing with the acquisition of Tense-Aspect morphology in Romance languages major attention is paid to the interaction between aspectual value and Aktionsart (lexical aspect), pointing out some protypical examples that could contribute to enhance the metalinguistic competence of teachers.