• Colette NOYAU & Maria KIHLSTEDT (Paris 10-Nanterre / Paris 10-Nanterre)
    Language acquisition. Recent research on speakers in processing language texts
    2002, Vol. VII-2, pp. 5-6
  • Maria KIHLSTEDT (Paris 10-Nanterre)
    The use of the past tense in French by suedophones and French native speakers
    2002, Vol. VII-2, pp. 7-16

    This study investigates the acquisition of the imparfait by advanced Swedish learners of French. Their use of the imparfait is compared to that of some native speakers in an interview task. The analysis is based on the relationship between Event Time and Reference Time in different values expressed by the imparfait. It is shown that the learners prefer the imparfait for situations where the actual time of the event (Event Time) completely overlaps with the time spoken about (Reference Time). Situations that imply a distance between the two time spans are only expressed in the imparfait by the most advanced learner and by the native speakers. On the basis of this result, an implicational scale for the acquisition of the contextual values of the imparfait at advanced stages is suggested.