Lexical knowledge

  • Dorota SIKORA (Université du Littoral-Côte d'Opale)
    Lexical knowledge modelization in a lexical resource
    2017, Vol. XXII-1, pp. 61-74

    Exploring lexicon implies access to the meaning of lexical units, as well as mastery of a whole set of formal, paradigmatic, syntagmatic or simply associative relations between them. Thus, how can a lexical resource manage to account for the global structure of the lexicon on the one hand, providing detailed lexicographic description of single lexical units on the other? With such a double perspective, the paper discusses the data structure encoded in the French Lexical Network (RL-fr), resource that implements lexical system model (Polguère 2014, 2016). Further, a handful of its possible applications are considered.