Age of onset of acquisition

  • Jonas GRANFELDT (Lund University)
    On the respective roles of age, input and the L1 in the development of French by childs L2 learners
    2016, Vol. XXI-2, pp. 33-48

    In this paper we summarize the main results from a project on Age of onset of acquisition (AoA) and linguistic development in French by child L2 learners (L1 Swedish) where AoA varies between 3;5 years and 6;5 years. The results for several grammatical structures are presented, finiteness, object pronouns, gender, subject-verb agreement and past tense forms. The results show a development which sometimes resembles that of adult L2 learners and sometimes that of bilingual or monolingual children. Against Meisel (2008) we conclude that AOA cannot in itself explain all of the results. Our conclusion rather points to a development influenced by a number of different factors, including the level of development of the L1, properties of the target structures and input.