• Christine JACQUET-PFAU (Collège de France)
    Correcteurs orthographiques et grammaticaux : quel(s) outil(s) pour quel rédacteur ?
    (Spelling and grammar checkers : which tool(s) are suitable for which author ?)
    2001, Vol. VI-2, pp. 81-94

    This article intends to question the users' assessment of so-called correction tools, spelling correction and syntactic recovery. Several criteria should be considered, namely : a- how correctors, whether integrated or autonomous, will operate; b- what should be their particular configuration in each case; and c- which correction constraints should precisely be defined in connexion with the users checking process. Our purpose is firstly to show that the use of the word "error" is, in this context, to be settled; secondly to examine the main characteristics of the 'correcticiels', and thirdly to propose a users' typology. Finally we will make a few suggestions as to how these tools can be used in the acquisition of the French language.