• Elwys STEFANI (DE) & Anne-Sylvie HORLACHER (Bâle, Suisse / Université de Bâle & Université de Neuchâtel)
    An interactional approach to grammar: evaluative right-dislocations in talk-in-interaction
    2017, Vol. XXII-2, pp. 15-32

    In this article, we first provide an introduction to interactional linguistics and then revisit from an interactional perspective a structure widely attested in grammar books: right-dislocation (RD). Drawing on video data (hairdressing and dinner conversations), we examine several cases of assessments accomplished through RDs and distinguish between a) closing-implicative RDs with which speakers assess a narration, and b) RDs with which participants asses an object present in the immediate physical environment, thereby initiating a new course of action. A fine-grained multimodal analysis allows us to conclude that participants mobilize grammatical resources and exploit them in talk-in-interaction in a way that is sensitive to the kind of activities in which they are engaged.