• Rita FRANCESCHINI (Sarrebruck, Allemagne)
    Weshalb brauchen Linguistien mehrsprachige Sprecher? / Pourquoi les linguistes ont-ils besoin de locuteurs plurilingues ?
    (Why do linguists need multilingual speakers?)
    2004, Vol. IX-2, pp. 105-124

    In light of the vast number of publications dedicated to the different aspects of multilingualism, one might wonder whether the analyses carried out so far have had an impact on the development of the theory of language in general. Are they merely the latest trend (due to intelligible and undisputable social reasons) or rather a real challenge for linguistics? This article first examines the terminology and then tries to answer these questions with eleven theses. It also highlights the importance of developing a linguistic theory based on multilingualism and the significance of the applied concepts for the analysis regarding the acquisition of a second (or even a third or fourth) language. The cognitive bases as well as the contemporary or separate handling of various languages on the mental level are discussed.