• Chantal LIBERT & Danièle FLAMENT-BOISTRANCOURT (Paris X-Nanterre)
    Formations en langues en entreprise à grande échelle : une réponse de type industriel
    (In-company language training on a large scale)
    2006, Vol. XI-1, pp. 85-102

    We intend to describe the manner in which a French company, needing to internationalise rapidly, redefined its language policy and its approach to language training. A new English-language training programme was devised, complete with a quality control system. The need to train large numbers, 18000 people in this case, necessitated an industrial approach, previously unheard of in training.

  • Danièle FLAMENT-BOISTRANCOURT (Paris X-Nanterre)
    Présentation : Enseignement/apprentissages des langues à l'aube du XXIe siècle : enjeux et tendances
    (Learning/acquiring foreign languages: new tendencies)
    2006, Vol. XI-1, pp. 5-6