Hefte in Vorbereitung

Vol. XXI-2       December 2016   Second Languages Acquisition: Diversity of approaches and methods

This issue of RFLA focuses on the impact of various second language learning situations and different types of learners: L2 or L3 adults, child L2 mode of acquisition in classroom  and/or immersion, immigrant children learning the language(s) of the host country, etc.

Research designs must take into account how those different learning situations /variables constrain the acquisition process in L2, both at the level of perception and production. Studies dealing non exclusively on the acquisition of phonology, morphosyntax, discourse, interaction etc. are welcome independent of their theoretical approach. 

Contributions in one of the five language recommended by RFLA (French, English, German, Spanish, Italian) are accepted.  Submission instructions and guidelines can be found on the website:  

Deadline for submissions is  July, 15th 2016  at the following address: rfla@wanadoo.fr